Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I’ve lost track of what day I’m on.  Next week is the end of the second month.  I’m pushing on and that’s what’s important.  Last week, I had to take a mental break.  I worked out, but my heart wasn’t into it.  I’m not going to make excuses or apologies.  P90X is all about doing your best and forgetting the rest and taking breaks if you need to.  I had to take a macro instead of a micro break, but I still pushed Play everyday.

However, when you’re back you have to be back with a vengeance.   No easing back into it.  So, this week I’ve gathered myself and I’m pushing even harder than before.  I did an extra cardio workout on Sunday and I’m doing a couple extra reps on each move since.  The good thing is that it pays off. The scale has been kind to me.  My clothes are becoming wind sails and I’m feeling accomplished.

It has not been easy to find the time to workout. I used to go to the gym in the morning before anyone was awake, but with the length of these workouts, there’s no way I could get up early enough and be functional the rest of the day.  So, I’m working out in the evening. It’s been a bit of stress because it has changed how our household runs.  Anytime, a family member starts a workout plan or special diet or any self-improvement project, it’s a sacrifice for the whole family.  It’s change and change is difficult.  I’m very lucky that my wife has supported me through every pull-up, rep, crunch, ache, whine, egg white, and pound through this journey. 

It hasn’t been all bad though.  There have been other benefits besides my own physical improvements. I’m happy that my kids usually watch daddy exercise and it has become a part of how they perceive me and look forward to it each evening.  I like that they try to workout with daddy and are getting a view of how a healthy lifestyle should be.  I hope it’s something that they carry with them throughout their own lives.

So, between the sacrifices and the benefit to my kids, I have to keep pushing. I owe it to everyone in my family to see this through and do it well. 

“Good enough” is not good enough anymore.