Monday, May 10, 2010

New Era

Well, as I alluded to in previous posts, we have made quite a transition (and still are).

We've sold our house in St. Louis and have moved everything into storage in Texas.  Now, we are in Swindon, England so I can train on my new job.  We should be here until the middle of the summer.

April was a bit of a mad-dash to get the house sold and everything packed up and moved.  It's amazing everything that needs to be done when changing states.  Now, we are enjoying some relative down time in England.

We are staying in a furnished apartment in the middle of town. We have a lot of shops and things right outside the door for us to get almost anything we need.  We are currently waiting for Internet access in the apartment so communication has been a little sparse, but we're making do.

Things are a bit more different here than we expected, but some things are very much the same.  I think every light switch ever made in England was made in 1959 and they just reuse them.  Driving also has taken some adjustment.  Driving on the other side of the road hasn't been as bad as predicted, but rounabouts proved to be a little confusing.  I think I have it now.  A gentleman here at work let me borrow his Garmin.  That has been a tremendous help and I will definitely we purchasing one soon.

Swindon is not a very big town geographically, but when you don't know where you are going and everything looks so different, it can seem like a gigantic task just to drive 1 mile!  We're getting more an more adventurous and hope to soon be traveling around the country.

As far as living in TX, we're looking at building a house.  We thought we had everything taken care of, but our lot was sold before we could put money down.  We're still hoping to bulid, but on a different lot.

Stay tuned!

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