Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 1

Yesterday was Day 1 of my P90X journey.  I’ve learned quite a bit in just one day.

First, why am I doing P90X?  A couple years ago I lost about 50 lbs.  It really wasn’t that difficult. I went from living a pretty inactive lifestyle, physically, to going to the gym and eating less of certain things.  I lifted weights and I ran.  I got good enough at running that I did a 5K this past Thanksgiving.  I haven’t tried, but I’m pretty sure that if I tried, I could probably run farther.

However, despite this accomplishment, I’ve hit a wall in what I can do on my own.  I no longer look overweight and I wear average sizes, but I know that I’m not the best I could be.  For that reason, I’ve wanted to accomplish more.  However, I can only push myself so hard at the gym.  I’ve plateaued in weight-loss and in weightlifting.  I’ve never really been sure how to diet.  I never wanted to go on a traditional weight-loss diet because I don’t like being hungry. Strange, I know.

I happened to catch the P90X infomercial on TV.  I’m usually the kind that doesn’t fall for stuff like that. I don’t think I’ve ever ordered something off of TV before.  Usually, that stuff if cheap, plasticy, POS’s that aren’t worth the easy payments $19.95.  However, P90X’s spot was different. It was filled with tapes of real people who had done the program. They didn’t look planted or contrived and they had a lot of them.  In fact, almost the whole thing was people sending in tapes.  So, like most things I researched.

It’s amazing what things like YouTube can do for a product. I probably would never have considered P90X any further if it hadn’t been for people submitting videos of themselves umprompted, unscripted, and without any benefit from the company losing weight and touting how great the program was.

The other thing that caught my eye were these people were like me. Most of them were in somewhat good shape. You could tell they used the gym and tried to do the right things, but just needed a bump to get them further.  I felt I was the kind of customer this system is designed for.

Now, that being said, I used Christmas money and ordered the system last week.  I read all of the material. We bought a bunch more stuff (I’ll elaborate later) and I started yesterday.

Here’s very quickly what I’ve learned so far

  1. Dieting doesn’t mean hungry.
  2. I’m sore in a good way.
  3. I’m better at some stuff than I thought I’d be and worse at others.
  4. It’s more of an investment than just the program itself.
  5. This is going to take self-control.

More to come!

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