Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 2

Day 2 of my journey was much like Day 1, which consisted of learning more and more.

First, I’m learning I’m not in as good of shape as I had hoped.  Don’t get me wrong; I’m no slouch.  I did run that 5K last November and I ran the same distance several times before and since just during my regular workouts.

However, it’s amazing how many muscles running doesn’t address.  Last night, was Plyometrics or “PLYO-X”.  Tony said it is the “X” in P90X.  I’ve watched a few of the DVDs and he seems to say that about all of the workouts.  Whatever the hype, they are good workouts.  I can definitely see where I’ve been deficient in my own training.  The “X” implies that this is an intense workout designed to help someone get into similar shape to a professional athlete. To me it seems similar to what celebrities go through to prepare themselves for a movie role.  You often hear of actors going through a rigorous 6 month training to bulk up for a film.  I can see where those routines may be similar to this one.

A lot of the program reminds me of the kickboxing class I took several years ago.  I didn’t realize how much I had forgotten about that class as far as stretching and some of the other movements.  I can also see where this program is on a different level from that class.  Where we may have done 15-20 minutes of PLYO-X type moves in that class, I did an hour of it last night.  And about 20 minutes in, I was counting down the minutes until it was over.

Second, I’m learning a bit about nutrition.  Some people do the P90X program without doing the diet.  While the workouts are intense and will get anybody into better shape than they would have been otherwise, I think they are cheating themselves out of a real benefit.  Looking at the diet, it really does promote a better outcome at the end of 90 days.

The diet is offered in 3 levels depending on your weight.  I’m right on the line between levels 2 and 3.  I’m trying to keep it within Level 2.  The diet is also in 3 phases with phase 1 being low carb, high protein. Phase 2 is some where in the middle. Phase 3 is high-carb.  Each phase has a purpose in how your body reacts to the workouts and the workouts change a little during the program.

I really think that the diet and the workouts work hand-in-hand to produce a certain result.  My feeling is that I paid for the system to produce a certain result so I’m going to follow the program as it is to get what I paid for.  

That being said, what am I eating?  Right now, I’m in the low carb phase. It’s not quite as restrictive as what I’ve heard Atkins to be, but I’ve definitely altered my eating habits.  Basically, right now I’m rationed to 1 carb block/day.  The book defines what each block equals.  However, I am not hungry.  Hunger is not the goal. If I’m hungry, then I’m not eating enough.  The idea is about changing the kind of food I’m eating rather than the quantity.

Here is what I ate today…

Breakfast: Egg-white (6 eggs) omelet with spinach, low fat mozzarella, and 3 slices of turkey bacon.

Lunch: Salad with fajita chicken, peppers, jalapenos, hot peppers (I like peppers), mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower, some oil and vinegar and a pear on the side.

Snacks: I’ve had a protein bar, 2 cheese sticks

Notice, I’ve had no carbs with my meals except for what may have been in the protein bar.  Why?  Because I’m saving my protein allotment so I can have a bun with my turkey burger at dinner tonight or some potatoes.  Later I’ll have a protein shake with skim milk and 3 frozen strawberries.  The protein shakes are super thick almost like ice cream and fill me up pretty well.  All-in-all I’m shooting for 2400 – 2700 cal/day.  Right now, I’m sitting at about 500 cal.  I have enough to eat a good dinner with my family and enjoy the shake for dessert before I workout. 

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