Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 9

Well, my first week is in the books and I’ve begun a second week of workouts.

I’ve done 2 workouts so far this week.  I’ve noticed that the moves are easier, but the workouts are more difficult.  Last week, I had to stop and watch the moves to make sure I was doing them correctly. This time, I’m not stopping as much and doing more so it seems like I’m running out of gas sooner.  The Plyometrics workout is high-impact and involves a lot of jumping.  Near the end, I could barely get my feet up off the ground.

Yesterday was Chest and Back. I made some adjustments and bought some new weights that really made it a lot more affective. I can feel it in my chest more today than last week.  Some of the stuff is really nasty.  Dive-bomber push-ups are hard. Diamond push-ups are harder (Hey, you try it!).  I’m pushing through and trying to do beyond my max (which I guess would really be my max, because the max is the most you can do…never mind).

You know it’s a good workout when you have to fight just to get back on your knees and reach with trembling hands for the water jug.  Some may say this doesn’t sound like much fun, but I say it feels great and I’m not just telling myself that.  I used to be a WWF fan (the wrestlers not the animals).  In some of the long matches, these guys would be flat on their backs from exhaustion (or at least pretending to be).  I’ve done that a couple times…for real.  Just flat and cannot move for a moment.  I love it!  So far, this has been exactly what I wanted. I wanted a butt-kickin’ and that’s what I’m getting.

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