Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 6

Now I mentioned a couple days ago about the other stuff that you need to buy in addition to the P90X program. The program itself runs at about $100 depending where you buy from.  BTW – I would purchase from a reputable source like or Beach Body directly.  I’ve seen some stories on the website where folks have bought from eBay and were shocked to find parts of the program missing. Buyer beware when purchasing used!

After looking at the guides in the packet, it became clear I was going to need more than what comes with the program to be successful.  Here’s a rundown of what I have purchased and plan to purchase.

  1. Pull-up Bar: I knew I needed this when I ordered so I got it at the same time.  It hooks to a doorframe in your home and there are a number of these on the market.  I believe it cost about $40 from
  2. Food:  After reading the nutrition guide, my wife (who has been helping me tremendously with this whole thing) went shopping a couple times and got me an all knew pantheon (Iron Chef anyone?) of food.  If you shop on a tight budget, be prepared to be rocking a very different receipt when you leave the store.
  3. Protein: I think these exercise programs and GNC have some sort of conspiracy going.  I’ve probably been in a GNC or similar store once in my life and had never bought anything…until last week. Also, if you want to get some investment advice, I bet you’d do pretty well to buy stock in powdery protein companies around January 1.  I’m pretty sure all of these programs suggest supplements of some kind.  At my house, I am the proud owner of Bucket o’ Protein powder, protein bars disguised as Snickers (I actually cheated and got both of these from Costco), and a container of recovery drink called Accellerade.  I actually like a lot of this stuff. My favorite is Accellerade. If you ever had Tang growing up, then this will take you back.  You may even smell the bologna sandwiches.
  4. Weights: I have a weight set at home, but I found out that it is limited when trying to follow along with a work out routine.  It’s the kind where you swap the weights off of the dumbbell.  That’s not too feasible.  So, I’m probably going to acquire 2 sets of weights (15 and 25 lbs.).  Coupled with my current weights that can range from 20-30 lbs and beyond, this should give me a good enough range to get me through the next 90 days.  If I go beyond this, then I’m going to need to go to the gym for my weightlifting needs.
  5. Gloves: I already had gloves since I go to the gym anyway.  Some guys use them to look tougher in the gym. I used them to protect my hands.  I used to lift without them and I got tired of the calices on my palms. I rarely lift without gloves on and I recommend some for you, too.

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