Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 18

It’s getting easier.

The past few workouts haven’t seemed as bad as the first week.  It’s almost worrying me that perhaps I’m not working hard enough, but I know I’m working.  I think I’m just getting better.  I know what to expect and I’m learning the motions.

I’m in the third week of the program. Next week is the “off” week where it is just a week of Yoga and stretching.  Following week begins the 2nd month when the workout program and diet change.  This is where the logic behind the program comes in.  Muscles get used to working in a certain way and development is maintained, but not taken any further.  I think the program is supposed to get easier just in time for it to change up.  Some workouts will be the same, but I haven’t even touched half of the discs, yet.

I’ve seen good results in these first couple weeks and I’m looking forward to what the next month holds.

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